Season 1


Premiere Episode

New Life It Up

Premiere Date

August 12, 2012

Finale Episode

New Year It Up

Finale Date

December 30, 2012


Season 2

Season 1 is the first season of Shake It Up, Hollywood!. The number of episodes is 24.


The first season pays more attention on CeCe after moving to Hollywood from Chicargo. CeCe is living with her divorsed mother, Georgia Jones and her little brother, Flynn Jones. The Jones family is now living in Hollywood Heights in Califronia. CeCe had made new friends which is her neighbor (Rebecca Fisher), a teen that doesn't know much (Dylan Fitzgerald), a ninja (Owen Campbell), a shy smart guy (Andrew Thompson), and two singers (Kate Perkins & Leisa Walters).


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  1. New Life It Up
  2. Locker It Up
  3. Hospital It Up
  4. Chick It Up
  5. Blueberry It Up
  6. Party It Up
  7. Lunch It Up
  8. Fashion Show It Up
  9. Surprise It Up
  10. Dream World It Up
  11. Enchanted It Up
  12. Wrestle Revenge It Up
  13. 3D Pain It Up
  14. Packing It Up
  15. Old Friend It Up
  16. Chicargo Back It Up
  17. Horror It Up
  18. Hairdo It Up
  19. Pool Battle It Up
  20. Job It Up
  21. Theater It Up
  22. Rollercoaster Fear It Up
  23. Hollywood East It Up
  24. New Year It Up
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